Western Automatic Music is the music and sound of Randy Skach along with several contributing composers, musicians, sound designers and good friends. This includes music and sound for film, advertising, video games, ecards, toys, ornaments, greeting cards, push button sound books, museum exhibits as well as several personal projects. This site is a work in progress. All inquiries and comments can be sent to info@westernautomaticmusic.com.


  • World Builder

  • Hallmark Recipe

  • Cupig Plush

  • Scooby Pumpkin Talkers

  • Under The Sea Animation

  • Chemistry of Love

  • Yes Video - Sams Club

  • Sound Pics

  • Cosmic Ray

  • Hoops & Yo Yo TV Special

  • KYDJ Title Sequence

  • Maxine High Jinx

  • Polar Bear Animation